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Since he was little he was interested in everything related to the world of acting and performance. When he was 12 years old, he and his fellow classmate Carmelo Cortes created his first theater group called Los Gusanos.

Later on, he became a member of the theater group of Centro Cultural de Tomelloso. He had the opportunity to be part of several plays in his hometown, as well as in other towns and theaters of the community of Castilla de La Mancha.

When he was 18 years old, he moved to Madrid to study at Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectaculos TAI. During this 3 year bachelor´s degree, he worked with different methods and acting techniques, and was taught by great teachers, such as: Fermin Cabal, Alberto Miralles, Eduardo Navarro, Raquel Toledo, among others.

He had not yet finished his bachelor´s degree when he started to develop his own theater company called Taumaturgos. With this company, they produced several plays of the famous playwright Fermin Cabal. These plays were performed throughout different cities of Spain, achieving several awards, all directed by Jose Miguel Alvarez. Also, he was cast in the play La Noche del Oso by Ignacio del Moral.

After traveling around the country, he decided to study new acting techniques that would focus more on film and television. Therefore, he joined the first graduation class of Masters in Acting for Film and TV of The Central de Cine, in Madrid.

Isaac got more involved in acting for film and television by working with Eva Lesmes, Macarena Pombo, Sara Bilbatua, Chuz Gutierrez, Carmen Utrilla o Elena Arnao, among others.

Due to his studies, Isaac started to work in several spots, commercials and sitcoms.

The theater is a very big part of any actor´s heart, so Isaac couldn't´t wait to go back on stage. Together with his friend and actor, Jesus Carrillo, they started their own production company, as well as their own theater company called LolaSol Productions. With this production company, besides working in different theaters, they started to make short films.

Eager to continue his education, he decided to go to Los Angeles, California. He received a prestigious scholarship to attend New York Film Academy at Universal Studios for a Master of Fine Arts in Acting for Film.